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Prayer & Study

Bible studies, Christian education, and prayer meetings invite us into a deeper walk with the Lord, enhance our worship together, and encourage us to live as fruitful disciples for Jesus Christ.

We are currently studying the Gospel of Mark. We meet each Monday at 10:00am.


Our faith is grounded in the living God as revealed especially in Jesus Christ. It’s both a gift we receive within the Christian community and a choice we make. It’s trusting in God and relying on God as the source and destiny of our lives. Faith is believing and trusting God with all that we are. Faith is following Jesus, answering the call to be his disciples in the world. Faith anticipates God’s future, leaning into the coming kingdom that God has promised. Faith-as-belief is active; it involves trusting, believing, following, hoping.

As Methodists, we strive to be fruitful disciples of Jesus Christ. Through prayer and study we ground our lives in the Scriptures (the Bible). Our traditions keep us mindful of all who have walked with God before us. God has enables us to reason (think critically) and to make powerful connections between what the Scriptures say and how we live our daily lives for God’s purposes. Through practicing spiritual disciplines – such as prayer, study, worship, receiving Holy Communion, engaging in what John Wesley called holy conversation, and serving others – we experience God’s actions and grace in our lives.


Bethany Methodist Church is a diverse community of people striving to live faithfully as God’s children. We welcome others to join us on this amazing, challenging journey. We met together each Sunday for Christian education and meaningful worship and preaching. We also meet throughout the week in many different ways and times, so you are sure to find a place that fits your interests, lifestyle and spiritual needs.

We meet weekly to pray for the needs of our congregation, local community, our nation and the world.

We enjoy fellowship and any occasion that includes a meal! We host dinners of all kinds, including potluck and sit-down dinners sponsored by our church and its members. Our resident Boy Scout Troop 915 cooks  delicious spaghetti dinners, inviting and involving the community.

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